Limited edition ‘X’ Playing Cards (1×500)


Playing Cards (1×500) and Area 50 private tutorial sessions.

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As the title suggests this is limited to only 500 sets, each comes with an exclusive custom designed ‘X’ deck, with unique secret gimmicks and a certificate of authenticity, which is personally signed by Marc Spelmann. Once sold these cards will never be available again.

Access to the Area 50 studio is included with over 2 hours of performance and tuition. Watch Marc Spelmann & ‘X’ performing 10 amazing magic tricks over 30 minutes and then get ready for the explanation session which runs for over an hour and a half where every secret and technique is explained in detail. Marc has also included a utility section which runs for an additionally 40 minutes, so if you have never handled a deck of cards before, do not worry, Marc will guide you through dealing, cutting and shuffling cards as well as multiple ‘secret’ techniques, so you’ll be able to astonish your friends and family.

The store will be ever evolving with new limited edition products and bespoke unique one off pieces all created by Marc Spelmann. Also be sure to check out Marc Spelmann & ‘X’s TeeSpring Store for T-shirts, hoodies, cups, phone covers and more, again this store will also be ever evolving with new cool cutting edge designs all created by Marc Spelmann.

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